Friday, February 24, 2017

Stump Grinding & Root Removal as Preventive Maintenance & More

Reclaim space on your property by removing overgrown trees, including the stumps and root systems. When you remove stumps and root systems, you may also be removing a specific and costly threat to your underground utility systems. Read on!

Did you know that many native Northwest trees have stumps and a root system that are as large underground as the canopy of the tree itself?

Removing stumps and root systems from your property can serve in a few ways:

  • Removes the threat of future damage to underground utilities
  • Adds flexibility to your property or landscaping plans
  • Ensures better curb appeals for your property


Concerned about the nearby plants and trees?

We actually use use a self-propelled grinder on rubber tracks. The cutting teeth are on on a powerful flywheel, and that’s what removes the stump… with minimal disruption to nearby growth.

We found a couple of stumps in a few front yards in West Seattle that could use removal services.

Take a look.

This job, in our opinion, just isn’t done yet.

See all of the cuts that have happened to this tree to get down to the stump? This is the first we’ve seen of this stump and can assume, based on the size, that this tree was simply getting too big for the space.

Another thing to consider are the underground utilities. As the tree was reaching higher, the roots were spreading and growing underground as well.

We don’t know this tree’s particular root structure from here, but the other unknown is, we don’t know where the water and sewer pipes hook up to the street either.

We’ll do another post in the future about roots that damage utilities. Because sadly, we see that happening frequently.

Not the most beautiful thing to look at, at present, right?


Here’s why this is important:

The location of this stump is behind a small apartment building, just 1 block off of the busiest shopping area of West Seattle. Right now, West Seattle is experiencing a growth spurt with lots and lots of new construction, namely apartments and condos.

Space this close to the Alaska Junction is highly desirable and rents are extremely competitive.  

If this tree stump was in your yard, and you were located in a competitive and growing part of town, would you be willing to remove it in order to get a better offer for your property?

Even if you weren’t selling or moving, you might have better neighbor relations with a prettier garden bed. Right?


Did you also notice?

You saw the newer / younger bushes further up the bed in the image above, right?

As mentioned before, the machine we use can remove the stump and root system without damaging the other plants that are sharing this bed. What if you had another valuable ornamental tree or a beloved rose bush? Something you really cared about but were nervous of damaging in the process of removing the overgrown or unwanted tree?


Permits prior to removal

Since we’re talking about removals, it’s important to note that each county, and even each city, has it’s own methods and restrictions for removing trees. Be sure to review your local area on this page of our site. Or give us a call to schedule and we’ll discuss the specifics for your area and project directly.

After all, landscaping is its own investment. And compliance with city and county permits are key to be sure all work is clearly scoped prior and all parties are informed as needed in order to proceed without penalties of any kind.

We understand that. And that’s exactly why we’re cautious about the machinery we choose to use in our practice. It’s important to us that you specify your wishes before we begin any kind of removal. We especially need you to note the nearby trees, bushes and plants you’re really attached before we get started.

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